Open Letter to my fellow Americans.

Dear fellow Americans, Stop it, just stop. I implore you to take a moment from this world of instant gratification we live in to stop and really think about a few things. Since the presidential election, the campaigns, the scandals, and all of the organized chaos we Americans have dealt with in the past few… Continue reading Open Letter to my fellow Americans.


Down the rabbit hole

New rabbit hole! I’ve always enjoyed painting and typically didn’t get much time to do it, or if I did have the time inevitably I didn’t have the resources. Within the past five days I’ve been going at it pretty strong. Launched my Etsy store, UrbanMagpieStudio, yesterday to showcase my photography available via digital download,… Continue reading Down the rabbit hole


Ten reasons why being sick is the worst.

We’ve all been there at one point or another. The tickle in the back of your throat hits, coupled with the overall feeling that something isn’t right… then it hits. Your energy levels are zapped, feels like you need a nap after doing anything remotely strenuous, and the feeling of dread as you wonder…’am I… Continue reading Ten reasons why being sick is the worst.

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50 Quotes to inspire the soul

It’s barely in the twenties outside and I’m currently running on roughly four hours of sleep. While I’m tempted to put off writing today, it just wouldn’t work with my goal of writing more this year. Today’s post is a bit different from norm but I feel it’s important to share a glimpse of my… Continue reading 50 Quotes to inspire the soul

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Kiss to send it off

2016 is done. DONE. What seemed like the longest year ever has packed its bags, hit the road, and is gone for good. While the year overall certainly wasn’t a good one, good things came of it. It’s important to remember to mentally check off and log the daily small victories so when a year like 2016… Continue reading Kiss to send it off

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Through the looking glass

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” —Brené Brown When was the last time you did something that took courage? Something that made your heart beat a little faster and play into your vulnerabilities and nervousness? So much of the time we all take the ‘safe’ route simply because it’s familiar… it’s known… it’s… Continue reading Through the looking glass

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Carpe the hell out of this diem!

Good morning sun shines! Today is going to be a great day! Rise up and meet the day with enthusiasm. I’ve been on a big kick lately to be more self-aware and make sure I’m focusing only on the positive. Thoughts manifest… so if we’re all manifesting something we might as well make sure it’s… Continue reading Carpe the hell out of this diem!