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Music makes the world go round. It’s what gives us all something to connect on in the most basically complex way possible. Yes, I fully understand that is an oxymoron but when you really think about it, it’s true. Music can bring nations together and it can also divide them. If I had a nickel for every time music helped me through a rough or troubled time in my life I’d be filthy rich by now, bet you would be too.

Music is everything.

Think back to the cavemen carving their flutes out of the ivory tusks… music has been around forever and is one of life’s driving forces. It plays such an integral part in our lives that we incorporate it into our biggest milestones; graduation, relationships, marriage, death, the list goes on. Many of you may even take Jimi Hendrix’s approach and declare music as your religion.

Not only can music help your soul feel good, it also helps your overall health and well-being. With the release of dopamine into your system it in turn lowers your cortisol levels, which then reduces your stress. I don’t know about you but when I’m super stressed out I’m much more likely to get sick and feel awful in general. You say this reduces stress? Sign me up right now!

Captain obvious statement inserted here; music helps you sleep better. I am a full fledged insomniac and have anxiety. There are very few things that work to lull me into enough relaxation to sleep or pull me out of an anxious day or mood. What works like a charm every time is Beethoven. Specifically Symphony 5, but that’s just me. It relaxes you to a level that you can feel safe and secure. Music is amazing.


How could you not love something that gives you so many benefits? My endurance would be absolute crap without music. Anytime I’ve been injured I’ve healed much faster when I listen to some tunes. I’ve lost weight because somehow in some weird way it’s helped with my appetite control. Less stress? Much! Happier in general? Um, yeah! I love singing at the top of my lungs in my car – I like to call it my ‘road rage prevention’. More people should try that aspect of it, in my honest opinion.

In closing, do yourself a favor today… pick out your favorite album and listen to it. Go through the entire artist’s library if you need to. Really listen to it and feel the music. Love yourself, take care of yourself. I was so excited to see today’s daily post one word prompt of ‘Music’ as it’s a topic that I love and could talk about all day long. Much gratitude to ek13blog for the prompt. So lovelies, go love yourself today and jam it up!





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